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Important - Refund Process

The token sale has been ended early as per our public announcement linked above, and here:

We are providing refunds to all contributors who return their FLN tokens to our Foundation Wallet. Details of this process are below:

1) team has halted the contribution contract, meaning all future contributions will be rejected automatically.

2) On Saturday, 4 November 2017 at 16:00:00 UTC our Token contract will allow transfers of FLN tokens on the Ethereum network. We ask that all contributors who wish to receive a refund of their ETH send their allocated FLN tokens to the Foundation Trust wallet: 0x34Dc53E22C406e667a0cB6dA664F18A359308409
We require all FLN tokens are sent directly back to the Foundation Trust wallet from your contribution wallet to ensure we can match your contribution amount in ETH.

3) Upon receipt of FLN tokens to the foundation trust wallet, we shall return the full amount of Ether you have contributed.

4) Ensure that you use the same wallet address that sent the initial contribution so that we can allocate the correct ETH based on the bonus round that you contributed within.

Please note: contributors do not have to return their FLN if they do not wish to receive a refund. FLN tokens may still be used in our future platform, pending time and availability. We are offering a refund because we are not able to work with the milestones promised and therefor want to provide transparency to our contributors.
We are processing refunds in this way so that we have the ability to provide a future token sale to the market and reuse the existing token contract.
If anyone in the community has any questions regarding this, please reach out directly through email:

All information below is no longer valid. It remains unchanged on this page for historical purposes.

Any ETH sent to the contribution contract will be automatically rejected and will not go through.

Welcome to the FLN Token Sale. All contributions are to be made in ETH only. If you are having any issues making the contributions in ETH, please reach out to or hit up the team in the bottom right online/offline chat box on this page. To make a contribution, and receive your FLN Tokens, send Ether to this address: 0xd3e74AC8EcB37649488e6c918452e04e51eCCF19


You are not eligible to participate in or purchase any FLN tokens in the Token Sale event if you are a citizen, resident (tax or otherwise) or green card holder of the United States of America.

Only make contributions from a wallet that you own, control and have explicit access to. Do not use an Exchange or Marketplace wallet; the below contract address will be sending an instant response transaction with your ERC20 FLN token allocation which will appear directly into the wallet that made the ETH contribution.

The team cannot take any responsability for any FLN tokens lost due to sending from a wallet that is not controlled solely by the contributor.

Please make contributions from an ERC20 compatible wallet. recommend you use MyEtherWallet to make your contribution.

Contributors Information

The funding from the token sale will allow the team to build the advanced features outlined in the whitepaper and roadmap page. These features will increase the demand for the FLN token over time and provide a healthy return to the initial contributions and ongoing investors.

The team will only be receiving contributions in the form of Ether in order to leverage the power of smart contracts and make the issuance of FLN tokens seamless, transparent, convenient and secure.

There will be a max supply of 12,632,000 FLN tokens in the Token Sale issuance period which will be minted via a Smart Contract that is publicly visible. Once a contribution amount of Ether is sent to the Smart Contract via a supported Ethereum wallet, the smart contract will mint the appropriate amount of ERC20 FLN tokens to match your contribution and return these FLN tokens back into the contributors wallet instantly. Minted tokens will be locked until the close date of the contribution period. has minted 632,000 tokens on contract creation, which are held by a foundation trust and allocated to incentivise developers, provide bug bounties, and provide operational capital to

The foundation trust wallet is: 0x34Dc53E22C406e667a0cB6dA664F18A359308409

Crowdsale Terms

The following terms, and ultimately the deployed contribution smart contract, will govern the Crowdsale event.


  • Open for 8 Weeks
  • Tokens are ERC20 Compliant Ethereum Tokens
  • 25,000 ETH Cap on Crowdsale
  • Open: Saturday, 9 September 2017 16:00:00 UTC
  • Close: Saturday, 4 November 2017 16:00:00 UTC
  • Tokens are a product and can be used to utilise future premium services. Token

  • Ticker: FLN
  • Max Supply of 12,632,000 Tokens
  • Tokens are minted immediately upon successful contribution
  • Tokens are transferrable after the close time listed on this page
  • Foundation will hold 632,000 Tokens
  • 18 decimal precision

Token Distribution

  • Base rate of 400 Tokens per 1 Ether
  • Gradually declining bonus periods in first 4 weeks
  • Week 1 - 20% Bonus (480 Token per 1 Ether)
  • Week 2 - 15% Bonus (460 Tokens per 1 Ether)
  • Week 3 - 10% Bonus (440 Tokens per 1 Ether)
  • Week 4 to 8 - 0% Bonus (400 Tokens per 1 Ether)