A project aimed towards building Automated Trading Bots, Social Trading, Arbitrage Trading Opportunities and Machine Learning & AI Analysis trading via API Integration with Marketplaces and Exchanges.

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Simplified Portfolio & Trading was built in Australia for a small group of investors to track their cryptocurrency investments, and stay up to date with market movements. Providing tools to track profit and loss, receive email and mobile alerts on market movements, widgets to embed on your phone, and soon a host of premium features, we discovered the wider community could make use of it too. We've opened it up to the world as!. And we're only just getting started! The team at are currently working on a range of tools to improve your cryptocurrency trading and returns. Read our White Paper to learn more. Our ERC20 Token Sale will open on Saturday, 9 September 16:00:00 UTC and close on Saturday, 4 November 2017 16:00:00 UTC; or if the FLN Supply cap or ETH cap is reached, whichever comes first.

Real Time Charting

Real time charting showing crypto pairs from all major exchanges. New additions added regularly.

Portfolio Overview

Real time investment details for your entire portfolio. Showing total invested, total current valuation, average cost, return on investment and profit/loss across all trades.

Price Alerting

Stay up to date with price movements by using mobile or email notifications. Mobile alerting is provided through Telegram.

Planned Additions

Following our Token Sale, we'll be working on these premium features.

API Integration Engine will integrate with supported exchanges via API in order to provide a single pane of glass for viewing and executing cryptocurrency trades.

Mobile App will develop an iOS and Android compatible mobile application that integrates seamlessly with all services and tools.

Automated Trading

Trigger automated trades based on user defined thresholds and settings or analytics provided by Machine Learning & AI engine suggestions.

Social Trading

Follow and mimic some of the best cryptocurrency traders in real time with our social trading platform.


Automatically place buy and sell orders on different exchanges to capitalise on arbitrage opportunities.

Machine Learning

Advanced machine learning algorithms that will give you the edge on other traders, providing buy and sell signals in near real time.

Mountains of Data

We monitor 13 Exchanges & 383 Currency Pairs